Welcome to Basin Racing in 2022! To enroll your boat in races this season, complete the form below to the best of your abilities.  If you have questions/concerns or you prefer a paper application, please contact Sergey Klyushin at racing@cbyc.ca.

For further information on Basin racing , see https://www.bpyc.on.ca/index.php/racing/racedocs/2022-documents



PHRF Status

Every participating boat must have their boat rated by their local PHRF handicapper.  If you need a new or renewed PHRF certificate for your boat, please indicate that in the payments section below.


Please indicate which race series you will be participating in and whether or not you require a new or renewed PHRF certificate.   

Please send the payment for the total of your selected options via email money transfer to CBYC's racing chair, sergey.klyushin@gmail.com.  For other payment options, please contact CBYC's racing chair, Sergey Klyushin at sergey.klyushin@gmail.com.

Both I and my crew understand and agree that we sail entirely at our own risk and that neither Bluffers Park Yacht Club, Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club, Highland Yacht Club nor any of the organizing or administrating bodies, committees or individuals appointed or volunteering for Club Racing accepts any liability for any loss or injury or damage to person or property incurred or suffered during these events or at any other time in connection therewith and I, for myself and my crew, hereby expressly waive, release, remise and forever discharge Bluffers Park Yacht Club, Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club, Highland Yacht Club and all such bodies, committees and individuals of and from any and all claims, demands, causes of actions or actions of any nature or kind howsoever and whensoever arising which I may now and hereafter have in connection with these races or our participation therein including, without limiting and generality of the foregoing, any claim based on the negligence of such persons or bodies. I agree to be bound by the current version of The Racing Rules of Sailing of the International Sailing Federation as adopted by the Canadian Yachting Association, the Current Sailing Instructions published for Bluffers Park Yacht Club, Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club and Highland Yacht Club in connection with these races and any notice given in accordance with these instructions.

To participate in every race in the series, REGISTRATION SHOULD BE COMPLETED - 2100H  1 week before start of the series.

There is no registration deadline for series. Racers must be registered 7 days prior to the race. For example, if they decide to join racing the week on Monday July 4th, they are eligible to race on Wednesday July 13th.

If you are interested in crewing on a boat or you are looking for crew, please post a note in the Basin Racing FaceBook Group.